• About ME

    Maker, Tinkerer and Roboticist

    Currently, I am a visiting Junior at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, studying Course 6 – Electronics Electrical and Computer Science. To give you the bigger picture, I am a full time undergraduate student at the department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, SRM University. My interests lie in the fields of robotics, assistive technology and education.

    I feel education is a right and should be accessible to all those who want it regardless of age, race, gender or financial background. I want to put my technical knowledge to use by providing solutions to existing problems in society.

  • experience

    SRM Team Humanoid

    Vice Captain, Mechanical Domain Head and Power Systems Engineer

    September 2014 - present


    As the team leader, I overlook the work in all domains and plan for future competitions and research along with Dr. M Sangeetha, Electronics and Communication Engineering Dept. Srm University, Prof in charge of the team.


    Achievements -


    RoboGames 2017 -

    • Gold medal in Autonomous Penalty Kick
    • Silver medal in Humanoid Freestyle Original
    • Silver medal in Humanoid Bipedal Race
    • Bronze Medal in Humanoid R/C Sumo
    RoboGames 2015 -
    • Bronze Medal, Freestyle Original
    Indo US RoboLeague 2015 -
    • Silver Medal, Robotic arm competition

    My Captain, The Climber

    Robotics Captain

    August 2016 - present


    As a Robotics Captain in the My Captain initiative of The Climber, I host workshops for High School students to help them explore the field of robotics by exposing them to open source resources and self-generated content. These workshops are aimed at helping High School students to discover their passions and show them how to get ahead in it. So far I have mentored 180 + students.

    Teach for India

    Campaign Leader

    August 2017 - present


    As a Campaign Leader for SRM University at Teach for India, my role was to identify high potential candidates and recommend them to apply for the fellowship.

    Apart from this, I conducted regular discussions and meetups to discuss how Teach for India was solving the problem of education inequality in the country.

    DIY Hacking

    Robotics Leader

    October 2016 - present


    As a Robotics Leader at DIY Hacking, I am responsible for creating robotics tutorials to help simplify the world of robotics for Makers and DIY enthusiasts. I strive to make hands-on learning available to passionate learners and culminate a sense of interest in students toward the DIY and maker culture.

    I aim to curate a database of DIY ers and people with different abilities across the nation to bring them together and innovate solutions for a better lifestyle.

    Tata Consultancy Services

    Software Development intern

    June - August 2017


    As an intern at the J C Penney retail account at TCS, I designed and built an internal resource management web application. The application is used for managing records of associates, 'work orders', 'status of work' and hardware assigned to various associates. The application was built using contemporary web technology - HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, AngularJS and the MVC4 Framework.

    IOT Geeks

    Core Team Member

    January - August 2017


    As a Core Team Member at the IOT Geeks makerspace, I have conducted multiple workshops on IOT and prototyping. I also spend weekends at the makerspace to help students with their projects.

    Products I have helped build so far include -

    • An internet-connected weighing scale
    • A weather monitoring system
    • Home Automation using Raspberry Pi

    Interactive Materials Education Laboratory, MIT

    Visiting Student

    Fall 2016


    As a visiting student at IMEL, I am working on a project supervised by Dr. Kyle Keane of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at MIT. The project aims to create a robotics education platform for learners of all ages.We aim to inspire a spirit of hacking, to instill a sense of autonomy, and to empower students to see the resources they have around them in the world.

    I also helped plan and teach a two-week class during IAP in January. The class, 'Collaborative Design using Arduino' was also documented on MIT OpenCourseWare and can be seen here.

    Defence Electronics Research Laboratory, DRDO

    Project Intern

    June 2016 - July 2016


    • Designed and tested communication systems for electronic warfare
    • Attended lecture on careers in Defence
    • Attended lecture by Senior Scientist Dr. Anupam Sharma on shaping India's future

    Makers Summit,Shaastra 2016,IIT Madras

    Winner - Social Projects

    January 2016


    As a maker at the Summit I prototyped a bone conducting device for the hearing and visually impaired people. The device was designed to be an inclusive wearable unlike the common hearing aids in the market today. The circuitry was concealed in a cap and a small electromechanical device was used to conduct vibrations to the users mastoid. Audio signals were received via a 3.5 mm audio jack which could be connected to a phone or mic and processed by a series of filters and amplifiers.


    MakersLoft, Kolkata makerspace


    December 2014 - present

    • Helped members with electronics and programming concepts for their projects
    • Taught soldering, hand tools and 3D modelling on Sketchup
    • Designed cool DIY electronics kits
    • Tinkered with 3D printers and laser cutters
    • Gave tours of the makerspace
    • Started a LEGO Mindstorms meetup



    The Project Team, SRM University


    September 2014 - present


    As a member of the Project Team, I have organised workshops and worked on various projects under the supervision of Dr. M. Sangeetha.


    • Digital video game on a self-fabricated LED Matrix
    • Organised a 3D printing and CAD workshop during Arduino Day, SRM University

    The Electronics Club, SRM University


    September 2014 - present


    As a member of the Electronics Club, I have worked on a number of projects under the supervision of Dr. M. Sangeetha and Prof. A.V.M. Manikandan of the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering at SRM University.

    • Take me home - navigation assistant for people with vision disabilities
    • Digital Basketball Scoreboard with RF remote control
    • Active Crowd management System with Piezoelectric mats and Arduino
    • Portable Electrocardiogram
    • Prepaid energy meter - Secure method for Distribution of Electricity
  • ProJects

    Here are some of the projects I have worked on


    Low-Cost, Inclusive Bone-Conducting Hearing Aid

    AaWAAZ is unlike any hearing aid that exists today, with a much cleaner and inclusive design. The bone conduction earphones can be connected to your phone which is used to pick up sounds from the immediate environment and relay them to the user's brain as vibrations. This piece of technology can be useful for a lot of other people apart from those with conductive hearing loss because of its open ear design.

    AaWAAZ was born in a makeathon at IIT Madras. Documentation for this project will soon be made open source.

    Crowd controlled Robotic Arm

    An open source robotic arm, controlled over the web.

    This was a class project for 6.100 - Individual EECS project at MIT. The focus of the project was to understand how humans interact with machines and to see how a group of humans commanding a single machine could achieve a unified task with the machine.

    Mark IV


    Digital Scoreboard

    An LED Basketball Scoreboard with an RF controller

    The digital scoreboard is a project intended for the Directorate of Sports, SRM University. The project is used during basketball tournaments in the university. The scoreboard was designed with an RF controller which can be easily triggered by the referee to update the scores while they are on the court.


    A 3 DOF, robotic arm to pick and place objects 

    Muscles is a 3 DOF robotic arm designed to pick and place objects, controlled by an Arduino board. The arm can be commanded using a GUI on a computer. Muscles won a silver medal at the IndoUSRoboLeague '15, IIT Mumbai.

    Take Me Home

    Shoes as a navigation assistant

    'Take Me Home' is a low-cost project which helps users navigate their way around a city intuitively. It can also be used as a piece of adaptive technology for users with low vision. The shoe connects to the user's smartphone and provides intuitive haptic feedback to the users' feet. A handsfree app for Android allows users with low vision capabilities to enter their location/ destination using voice over.

    Wheelchair Controller Mount

    An automatic mount for powered wheelchair remote controls.

    This was a class project for 6.811, Principles and Practices of Assistive Technology at MIT. The project is currently being used by our client, Lisa Belyea a resident of the Boston Home. It was also acknowledged as the best project in class.

  • Education

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Special Student at the Department of EECS


    SRM University

    B. Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering


    • Vice Captain SRM Team Humanoid

    La Martiniere for Boys, Kolkata

    Physics, Chemistry, Math and Computer Science



    • Vice President of Science Club - 2013-14
    • Secretary of The Niche - 2013 -14


  • Skills

    Software Platforms

    • Eagle CAD
    • NI LabVIEW
    • OrCAD
    • SketchUp
    • Solidworks
    • Unity5
    • WordPress
    • Fritzing

    Hardware Platforms

    • Arduino
    • ESP
    • Makey Makey
    • Neurosky
    • Raspberry Pi
    • Robotis Bioloid Premium
    • Robotis Darwin Mini
    • Myo

    Programming Experience

    • C
    • C++
    • C#
    • HTML5
    • Java
    • Javascript
    • Python
    • Processing 3

    Prototyping Experience

    • 3D Printing
    • Electronics
    • Hand tools
    • Laser Cutting
    • Power tools
    • Soldering
    • Woodworking